Other Services

Fairness opinion


EP Capital prepares reports and opinions that aim to bolster, legal, tax, operational, financial and other decisions. The team consists of doctors and professors in finance with extensive experience in financial markets and credentials to assess and provide advice to public authorities, boards, investors, lawyers and arbitration chambers.

The fairness opinion of the firm value, debt and equity, prepared by EP Capital have the following applications:

  • Support for litigants in litigation.
  • Accounting for assets in investment funds.
  • Revaluation of assets for accounting purposes.



EP Capital supports companies raising debt through operations aimed at improving the company’s capital structure, minimizing financial costs and facilitating investment projects.

Main structured debt services offered include:

  • BNDES and other governmental institutions ;
  • Bonds issuance;
  • Mezzanine Debt ;
  • Structuring of CRI, FDIC and CRA .

Project Finance


EP Capital advises companies on projects that require experience and differentiated technical knowledge for strategic decisions.

Major services offered in Project Finance:

  • Feasibility study of projects.
  • PPP.
  • BNDES.

Bovespa Mais


Bovespa Mais allows midsize businesses to capture funds via IPO. BNDES is the main driver of this market, and traditional investors are family offices and pension funds.

EP Capital assists companies in this process by:

  • Preparing documentation to be handled at the CVM and BM & FBovespa.
  • Assisting in the selection and coordination of the other participants in the process, such as law firms, auditors, custodians and rating agencies.
  • Expertise in active road show for institutional investors.